Welcome to Anzus Aboriginal Art Gallery.

We import and sell the finest contemporary Australian aboriginal paintings available in the United States.

Aboriginal paintings offered on this site include museum quality works in both natural ochre pigments and acrylic mediums. Many of our aboriginal artists have paintings hung in major public art galleries throughout the world. These artists include Minnie and Emily Pwerle, Barbara WeirGloria PetyarreWalala Tjapaltjarri, Shorty Jangala Robertson and others.

In 2003, we changed from art collectors to gallery owners. Our mission since then has always been simple and straight forward. To bring top quality indigenous Australian art to North American art lovers at affordable prices. To do this, we keep our gallery overheads as low as possible and pass the savings on. Looking to the future for our clients, we choose paintings by the best established aboriginal artists and by younger artists whose work we believe will appreciate in value with time.

On buying trips, we visit outback Australia and travel to remote aboriginal artist centers in aboriginal communities. We talk to the artists where they work and select our paintings personally and then try and find good homes for the paintings here in North America. Our artists are paid immediately, providing them a direct income and support for their communities.

Australia's indigenous artists individually interpret their own culture and spirituality, then express it on canvas using European tools. Just forty years ago, apart from painting their bodies and painting on the ground during ceremonies, aborigines painted only on rock walls and bark.

To purchase a painting, or for more information, call and talk to us on (650) 321 2121 in Palo Alto, California, or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mulyati Tree & Sandhills $450.00
Wild Flowers $650.00
Seven Sisters $1 750.00
My Country $175.00
Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming $1 750.00
Billimac Springs - Diptych $750.00
Mulpu - Bush Mushroom $1 550.00
Tali Tali - Sand Hills $700.00
Bush Tomato Dreaming Call for Pricing Women Gathering Food $400.00